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Jun 16th




alright then, lets go, crea

fooorrr anon!!

Happy Birthday, Kira & Cagalli!

Behind the Scenes:

"Lacus, thank you for choosing new clothes for my sister and me." "No problem, and you’re handsome in them, Kira."
"OMG why I must wear this skirt?" she presses the skirt, shouting at her brother.
Meanwhile, Athrun sees Cagalli in dress for the first time, and doesn’t know how to react.


watched GUNDAM SEED DESTINY for the first time yesterday
(have watched GUNDAM SEED 10 years ago)
and found that Shinn is so cute at the beginning i can’t handle



May 12th



Pixiv ID: 43461386
Member: Sherry

It’s a wrap (and a mad dash to the end, to say the least)! I have finally finished colouring all the CIV Leaders sketches I planned out to do…it kind of feels weird, because this series has been ongoing for as long as this tumblr exists. I’m both glad and conflicted to be moving onto other projects XD. I’m even surprised at myself to be motivated enough to work on the same idea for so long. Thanks to so many of you for expressing interest in these, now they are all archived into one entry on pixiv!